Ultrasonic Pocket Doppler


Model: SD3
Manufacturer: Edan Instruments


  • Plug-and-play

  •  Compact design with easy one-hand operation

  •  Bright OLED screen with real-time FHR display

  •  2 MHz probe with deep penetration for later pregnancy and larger patients

  •  3 MHz probe detects fetal heart beat as early as 9 weeks

  •  4/5/8MHz probe for blood flow detection

  •  Automatic power-off while putting the probe back to the rack (SD3 PLUS & SD3 PRO)

  •  Real-time monitoring for daily use

  •  Record & play with audio playback and numeric display

  •  Normal AA batteries for easy replacements

  •  Built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery ensures long working time

  •  Unique charger stand design

Standard Accessories: 3 MHz Waterproof Interchangeable Probe


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