Neonate Oxygen Flowmeter Classic 200


Model: T10118
Manufacturer: Allied Healthcare – USA


  •  Classic 1000 is the ultimate neonatal flowmeter. It is designed for use with

  more critical patients and enhances quality of care.

  •  Guesswork in setting extremely low flows is virtually eliminated. The unit is

  calibrated in 1/10 lpm increments from 1/10 to 1 lpm with an accuracy of +/-5%

  of full scale.

  •  The front block magnifies the scale to approximately 150% of normal size

  •  Every Timeter ®Classic Flowmeter is hand-crafted and engineered to the ighest

  standards of performance and accuracy

  •  The front scale, silk-screened on the acrylic block, is checked for accuracy at

  critical points against a flowmeter reference standard.

  •  The silk-screened backscale on oxygen flowmeters is aligned mirror-perfect with

  the front.

  •  A renewable valve assembly allows you to make readjustments quickly with a

  slight turn of the valve stem

Standard Accessories:  Oxygen Wall Probe BS or DIN as per the hospital gas system


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