Electrocardiograph SE-1201


Model: SE-1201
Manufacturer: Edan Instruments


  • 12-channel ECG,  800*480, 7″ color LCD screen, alphanumeric keyboard,internal loudspeaker

  • 12 lead waveforms display simultaneously

  • Auto Analyzing and Diagnostic Software (Interpretation)

  • One-touch operation including gender and age-group shortcuts

  • Standard 200 ECGs in internal memory

  • 210 mm Z-fold recording paper

  • Built-in rechargeable Lithium battery, AC/DC supply

  • Built-in thermal printer

  • ECG Cable/Adapters/Electrodes/Abrasive Pad (Optional)

Standard Accessories:

ECG Cable. Adult Precordial Suction Electrodes (6 PCS/set, match ф4mm ECG cable). Adult Limb Clamp Electrodes (4 PCS/set, match ф4mm ECG cable). Recording Paper, Quick Reference Card and User Manual

Optional Accessories: Rolling Stand Model: MT-201


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